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It was difficult for me to select a domain name for my web site.  I wanted to pick a name which would reflect the purpose of the material I was publishing for many to see.  As I would consider new names, I would find they had been used by others.  Finally I asked myself, "What are you hoping to accomplish by developing this web site?"  My primary purpose is to develop understanding in my visitors.  However, "www.understanding.com" was not the domain name I desired.  I turned to the Bible to see what Greek word the writers of the scriptures had used when they wished to convey the idea of "understanding" (or the lack thereof) to their listeners.  The word was noeo.

Noeo (no-eh'-o) translated into English means "to exercise the mind; to comprehend; heed." (Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible).  The English words used for noeo by the translators of the KJV are "consider, perceive, think, understand."  This word perfectly describes my goal for you as you visit my site.  I want you to think about what the scriptures are saying.  As you apply your mental abilities to the study of God's Word, you will develop a true understanding of the scriptures and, with application fully to your life, will achieve your goal of spending eternity in heaven with the Lord after you pass from this life to the next.  We will spend quite some time considering the application of God's Word.  As we do, we will explore the meaning of the Greek word for believe: pisteuo. Please put away all preconceived ideas about what God's Word says.  I say this for two reasons:  If your preconceived ideas are correct, you will develop even more confidence in their legitimacy as you see them validated in the scriptures.  However, if they are wrong, they will do nothing other than keep you from truly understanding God's plan for your life.

Here are a list of the scriptures from the New Testament using the word noeo:

Each of the scriptures is linked to the Bible Gateway.  Each is only the verse containing the word noeo.  I strongly encourage you to study each of these verses in their context (determined by study of the verses preceding and following the linked verse) in order to noeo the usage of the word in that verse.  You will be amazed at what you learn.


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