Diagram John 12


John 12:44-50



Gave message to Jesus (verse 49)

Believe (verse 44)     


Jesus gave message to us (verse 48)


    Disbelieve (verse 47)

Believe in God (verse 44)


Disbelieve God (verse 44)


Abide in light (verse 46)


Abide in darkness (verse 46)


Judgment by word spoken (verse 48)


Judgment by word spoken (verse 48)


Life everlasting (verse 50)


In this diagram we see the relationship between God, Jesus, the word spoken by God, and the response of those who hear the word. Jesus tells us that the words He spoke were the words of God (verse 49). Those who hear the word can choose one of two options: believe or disbelieve. Believing leads to life eternal, but disbelieving to damnation. How do we come to the latter conclusion? Please notice verses 49 and 50. Jesus tells us that the words spoken by Him were the commandments of God. God's commandments are life everlasting. Therefore, the one who rejects His commandments rejects everlasting life and faces eternal damnation should they die in such a state.

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