To Be a Christian

by Oran Rhodes


(Published in the Chesapeake church of Christ Bulletin 9/7/03)

Can I preach what you practice, brother?
 Or would I be run out of town?
 Can I show you as an example
 For your children to see and mark down?

Do I dare to repeat in public
 What you said to the boys yesterday?
 Or should I blush and forget the gossip
 You repeated from the girls across the way?

Would you tolerate an inspection
 With a real microscopic view?
 If not, what do you suppose God thinks
 When he sees all the things that you do?

If I cannot preach what you practice
 And it be truly pleasing to you,
 You need to change your ways immediately
 Before you receive just what you are due.


God has a

marvelous gift

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