When Jesus said He'd build His church

Author unknown


All up and down this troubled land
Confusion reigns today
As honest folks on every hand,
In doubt are heard to say:
“I cannot tell which church to join,
There are so very many.”
To whom we offer this advice,
“You never should join any.”

You cannot join the church of Christ,
No man can vote you in;
The Lord, Himself, will add you,
When He saves you from your sin.

Then take no chances, neighbor,
This race but once you’ll run.
A church you’d “join” will be of men,
But not the proper one.

Beware of a church you cannot find
Within the sacred pages;
Be safe, dear sinner, and rest your soul
Upon the Rock of Ages.

Be added to His blood-bought church
And drink salvation’s cup;
For every plant God planted not,
It shall be rooted up.

No mourner’s bench on Pentecost,
The inspired Peter fitted;
But said, “Repent and be baptized,
That your sins may be remitted.”

The Lord, who saved and added those
Who did that day His will,
Will do the same for you, dear friend,
For He is adding still.

Let not false teachers lead you wrong,
Nor close your eyes in slumber,
When Jesus said He’d build His church,
‘Twas not in plural number.

No choice of churches, neighbor mine,
Is found beneath the sun;

Though men may have ten thousand,
Our Savior has but one!


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